About Us

Our passion for fall protection and safety drives us to offer a service like no other company.  By using the most efficient and up-to-date technology, we've made it our job to make your job easier.

  • New technology allows us to store you certificates online! You can also download the web app to make it easier to access the certificate on the go!
  • Automatic reminders and the ability to make an appointment online remove the hassle of booking and unnecessary paperwork.
  • Our optional 3-5 year contracts have been designed to give you peace of mind and guarantees that you'll be in OSHA compliance regarding your fall protection certification and inspection schedule.
  • Our repair shop isn't like all the others. We are now certified to repair Self-Retracting Lifelines by multiple different  manufacturers.
  • Can't afford to buy a LARGE product that will only be used once? Just rent it! See our rental page for more information.

About Premier Fall Protection

We are the industry's first American company that is completely dedicated and solely focused on fall protection certification, inspection, maintenance, and repair.  We have over 90 years of combined fall protection and safety experience.  This has transformed us to become leading experts in the fall protection industry and guarantees that you'll be receiving the best service around.  Our experience and expertise allows us to repair, inspect, and certify all fall protection equipment regardless of its original manufacturer.  Our services are designed to provide our customers with a smooth, high quality process that includes the most up to date technology.

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