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Box Frame

With fixed and adjustable height frames built to accommodate a specific area or piece of equipment, the Box Frame System provides convenient and effective means of securing a fall arrest rigid rail in areas with limited space or inadequate overhead structure. These units can be designed as permanent or portable frames, allowing for ease of relocation from site to site. All systems are ANSI and OSHA compliant. 

Fixed Height Options 

  • Provide effective means of anchoring overhead 
  • Ideal in areas with no overhead obstructions or door height restrictions 

Adjustable Height Options

  • Adjustable using overhead crane, forklift or powered systems
  • Pin height selection system 
  • Ideal in areas with overhead obstructions and door height limitations 

Available Sizes

  • Height: 14', Width: 14', Dual Rail 15.5'
  • Height: 21', Width: 15', Single Rail 28'
  • Height: 30', Width: 20', Dual Rail: 32'
  • Height: 12-18', Width: 12', Single Rail: 20' - Adjust.

*This product is listed as a RFQ. We will contact you after your order is submitted to obtain additional details that will determine pricing and requirements.


FS HBF70140