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C Frame System

With both fixed and adjustable height options, as well as various rail width options, the C Frame System has the ability to meet various industry needs. Designed to be moved manually or with the use of a tow bar and service vehicle, the C Frame's engineering promotes ultimate mobility with the safety of overhead anchorage. Requires some clearance under the equipment being accessed to accommodate outrigger support legs. All systems are ANSI, OSHA and CE compliant.

Fixed Height: 

  • Provides an effective and economical means of anchoring overhead 
  • Most often used in areas with no overhead obstructions or door height restrictions 
  • System includes heavy-duty leveling jacks 

Adjustable Height: 

  • Adjustable by manually cranking winch 
  • Most often used in areas with overhead obstructions and door height limitations 
  • System includes heavy-duty leveling jacks 

Available Sizes: 

  • Fixed H:14', W:18'
  • Fixed H:21', W:18'
  • Adjustable H:12.5-19, W:10'
  • Adjustable H:12.5-19, W:20'
  • Adjustable H:17.5-28.75, W:15'
  • Adjustable H:17.5-28.75, W:20'
  • Adjustable H:22.5-38.75, W:15'
  • Adjustable H:22.5-38.75, W:20'

*This product is listed as a RFQ. We will contact you after your order is submitted to obtain additional details that will determine pricing and requirements.


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