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Counterweight Jib Systems

The Counterweighted Jib Systems are a portable solution for both indoor and outdoor uses. These systems are engineered with a 360-degree rotation jib and have the capacity to provide fall protection for one worker.

  • Forklift pockets located on all four sides for enhanced mobility from job to job
  • Periscoping rotation handles for turning system into working position 
  • Two types of counterweight base solutions available, with or without concrete 
  • System includes tag line assist. 

Available Sizes: 

  • Height: 16.75, Offset: 8'; w/o concrete
  • Height: 16.75, Offset: 8'; w/ concrete
  • Height: 20.67', Offset: 8'; w/o concrete
  • Height: 20.67'; Offset 8'; w concrete
  • Height: 23.67'; Offset 8'; w/o concrete
  • Height: 23.67'; Offset 8'; w/ concrete

No Base Option attaches to supporting, fixed structure (e.g. on I-Beam) on the job site. System rotates 180 degrees and locks every 7.5 degree. Please call for more custom solutions.

*This product is listed as a RFQ. We will contact you after your order is submitted to obtain additional details that will determine pricing and requirements.