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Counterweighted System

While operating with counterbalance by concrete or other means, the Counterweighted System offers an overhead anchor point for multiple users at a time and allows for close positioning to the work surface without obstructing the equipment being accessed. 

  • Provides safe and economical means of anchoring overhead 
  • Includes systems with and without the concrete counterweight on base of unit 
  • Ideal in areas with no overhead obstructions and door height restrictions 
  • System includes heavy-duty leveling jacks and tag line assist 
  • Option available to add an adjustable ladder system and counterweight
  • Various anchor heights and rail widths included

Available Sizes: 

  • Height: 22', Rail: 32', Weighted: Not Included
  • Height: 22', Rail: 32', Weighted: Included
  • Height: 22', Rail: 42', Weighted: Not Included
  • Height: 22', Rail: 42', Weighted: Included
  • Height: 29.5, Rail: 40', Weighted: Included w/ Ladder

*This product is listed as a RFQ. We will contact you after your order is submitted to obtain additional details that will determine pricing and requirements. Custom solutions avaiable; call us today!