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DBI Sala ShockWave2™ Tie-Back Lanyard

Available in single or double tail 100% tie-off styles, the Shockwave2™ Tie-Back Lanyard is engineered for added job site flexibility and eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector.  Combines super strength and ease of use without sacrificing safety, while providing freedom of movement, staying out of the worker’s way to reduce trip fall hazards.

  • Unique stretchable design expands to 6 feet and retracts to 4-1/2 feet adjusting to your movements
  • Provides freedom of movement and stays out of the worker’s way reducing trip fall hazards
  • Carabiner has a 5,000 lb. capacity from any direction including the gate making it ideal for tie-back use
  • Eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector, reducing inventory and cost
  • Heavy-duty abrasion resistant tubular webbing provides added durability and safety for tying back



2.7 lb