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DBI Sala Vacuum Anchor with Bottle Attachment

DBI Sala's Vacuum Anchor with bottle attachment is the most portable, user-friendly Vacuum Anchor Fall Arrest System for the General Industry. It's versatile engineering can anchor to virtually any smooth, non-porous surface, such as a tank, vessel or large steel structure with the flip of a switch. Designed for basic, one-person use, this system is completely self-contained. The Vacuum Anchor allows workers to have all the access and freedom of movement they want, without compromising the safety they need.

  • Fall Arrest Rated and approved.
  • Features fail-safe back-up systems with audio alarms and a vacuum level indicator for absolute safety and security.
  • Powers up quickly and easily with a compressed gas bottle attachment.
  • Ability to power one additional Secondary Pad (sold separately).



60 lb



DBI Sala Vacuum Anchor with Bottle Attachment