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Fabricated Post - Single Point Anchors

Premier’s Single Point Anchors feature designs and engineering to meet your specific needs!:  

  • Ease of installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Higher load capacity
  • Cost effective for a permanent solution
  • Option to retrofit to a lifeline in the future depending on system layouts

A variety of attachment points are available:

  • Use with swivel single point anchor
  • Use with rope lifeline or rope lanyard
  • Use with self retracting lifeline
  • Use with web lanyard

With a variety of kit options:

  • Clamp onto steel girder or brace
  • Case into concrete for anchor support
  • Weld onto existing structure
  • Bolt directly into structure
  • Threaded rod bonded into concrete

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*This product is listed as RFQ. We will contact you after order has been submitted to obtain additional details that will determine pricing and design.




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fall protection anchor
fall protection anchor
fall protection anchor