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Guard Rail Toeboard Brackets

Now Available Toeboards for Guardrails! Toeboards are used to prevent the loss of an object from falling off the roofs edge causing a hazardous situation. The long toeboard bracket is to be used when the toeboard is perpendicular to the short length of the base.

Required for installation and not included: a 2" x 4" wood or a 4" tall flat steel plate. Cut material to length and pre-drill holes. Insert wood/steel into bracket and screw in place. 

FSG TBL - Long Toe Board bracket for mounting perpendicular to short end of base.

FSG TBS - Small Toe Board bracket for mounting perpendicular to long end of base.

**Disclaimer: Made to order product. MSRP only. Please call 1-800-642-0775 to place an order.  

Meets or exceeds all ANSI standards and OSHA 1926.502 regulations.