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Portable Systems


Hy-Cube Dual Arm Unit

The Hy-Cube dual arm units provide a fall protection anchor that minimizes disruptions to work place layouts and operations. With multiple height, reach, anchor, and base options you are bound to find the solution you need.


A Frame Fixed Series

A portable structue allowing greater access to areas, Premier's A Frame Fixed Series provides an anchor point with various heights and rail widths. Rated for two workers, the system is designed to provide coverage in unique applications.

FS AF1515

Box Frame

The Box Frame system provides a convenient means of securing a fall arrest rigid rail in areas with limited space or inadequate overhead structure. These frames are built to accommodate a specific area or piece of equipment. These units can be designed as permanent or portable frames, allowing for ease of relocation.

FS HBF70140

C Frame System

This C Frame provides an effective and economical means of anchoring overhead. It is designed to be moved manually or with the use of a tow bar and service vehicle. Fixed height and adjustable height options available.

FS HCF70032

Counterweighted System

The Counterweighted Systems provide an overhead anchor point for multiple users. The systems are designed to be counterbalanced by concrete or other means. This allows for close positioning to the work surface without obstructing the equipment being accessed.