Products we service (not limited to the following):

  • Vertical and Horizontal Lifelines
  • Single Point Anchorages
  • Beam & Trolley Systems
  • Retractables
  • Harnesses & Lanyards

Our services consists of (not limited to):

  • Check and reset tension on existing lines
  • Evaluate, repair and replace any fall protection system
  • Authorized to inspect and certify any fall protection system
  • Onsite certification of harnesses, lanyards, and self retracting lifelines (no shipping required)
  • Inspection of evidence of defects in or damage to hardware elements including cracks, sharp edges, deformation, corrosion, chemical attack, excessive heating, broken strands, alteration or excessive wear.

We handle various applications and systems!


Stay in compliance! We keep you up to date with OSHA compliance. The system is certified to meet or exceed all safety performance specifications. Certification assures you that the installed system will fully meet applicable engineering and performance standards. Premier's broad expertise allows us to certify both fall protection systems and self retracting lifelines.


Making sure your best assets, your workers, are safe at heights. The annual inspection of your fall arrest system and components guarantees the fall protection equipment for another year. System inspections maintain the integrity of performance standards.


We can upkeep and repair your fall protection systems and equipment. With exposure to harsh environments and with the potential of unreported falls, maintenance is critical for fall protection systems and equipment.


Component fractures, stressed cables, and deformities can all occur during typical day to day operations of any fall protection system or equipment. Self retracting lifelines and other fall protection equipment can easily be repaired by one of our certified technicians. When possible, immediate on-site repairs will be done.

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